Learn kitesurfing safely and cheap in Zeeland!

We start from the end of March until as long as the temperatures allow it in the fall.

Introduce ourself

Kitesurfing is made up of two kitesurfing instructors who teach mobile at different locations in Zeeland. Because we are mobile we can always offer you the best circumstances. For our Belgian customers we teach at different locations, less than half an hour driving from Antwerp. Our starting point is to teach everyone kitesurfing as quickly as possible. At the end of the course you will receive a pass has international name and recognition, so you hire a kitesurfing outfit and can go kitesurfing after having shown your pass. We also give kitesurfing lessons in the evening circumstances permitting. You pay often too much for kitesurfing lessons unnecessarily. These are costs kitesurfing centres calculate for, for example, accommodation.

Because we are a mobile kitesurfing school, you pay only for the core business: to learn kitesurfing.