Who are we?

We are two wildly enthusiastic kitesurfers who love to share our passion with you. We deliberately choose to remain a small school so we can teach you precisely the way we want it.


I was born in Krabbendijke, a stone´s throw from the beach of the Oosterschelde and the water has always held a great attraction to me. At twelve I learned windsurfing and since then I´ve been addicted to the sea and the beach. In 2006 I learned kitesurfing. ( see homepage how that turned out). After I learned how to kitesurf properly, the kite-virus got a hold on me and I utilize every breeze to head on for the water. My journeys and the greater part of my life are dedicated to kitesurfing. I have had a busy shop for fourteen years when I decided to sell my company and rent out the place to do, at last, that where my heart lies. I decided to dedicate my whole life to kitesurfing. I already gave kitesurfing lessons but I wanted to make it more professional and my, in the meantime, former pupil, friend and fanatic surf mate Leon wanted the same very much. So we made the decision to start up a kitesurfing school together and named it “Kitesurfing Zeeland”.


The fastest and cheapest kitesurfing school in Zeeland!