How quickly someone learns how to kitesurf differs per person. The quicker you master the steps the quicker you are on a board. That differs per person. Our kitesurfing lessons are not only focussed on teaching you to go kitesurfing as soon as possible but especially aimed on safety so you can go kitesurfing independently and safely in the end. To master the basics of kitesurfing well, we advise you to do a three days course. After a three days course the average student will have sufficient control to go on independently. If you like some extra coaching after that we will make that possible. Our starting point and our drive is to teach you safe kitesurfing as soon as possible.



What can you expect from our lessons?

  • Location and assessing the wind
  • Powerkite to understand the feeling of steering a kite
  • Explanation windwindow
  • Rigging up the kite
  • Treatment safety system
  • Explanation kite and the use of signals
  • Steering, flying and lowering a kite and applying the safety system
  • Restarting the kite on the water
  • Performing a self-rescue
  • Down and upwind body dragging
  • Waterstarting in both directions
  • Kitesurfing and controlled stopping
  • Sailing upwind
  • …….Your first jump??……

Why take kitesurfing lessons

Mark’s own experience:
In 2006 I started to learn kitesurfing. I was priggish and bought the equipment, went up to the beach in my hometown Krabbendijke and thought I could teach myself without lessons, coaching of even having seen an instruction video. I made all the mistakes that can be made and was punished harshly, from gliding across the whole beach to being rescued out of the sea. And you can understand that hypothermia was lurking in the cold water temperature.

Therefor I know better than anybody else how important it is to take kitesurfing lessons. I thought to be off cheaply by not taking lessons. Because I had no knowledge whatsoever I bought the cheapest equipment; what if I didn’t like it after all? This was still more expensive than I should have spent on a good lesson. In the end I got no value for money. The joy of having a bargain long forgotten, the disadvantages of having cheap equipment will come up. In this field a good kitesurfing school will also advice you what you should or shouldn’t buy. I had no kite control at al land I hardly knew how the safety system worked. In the end it cost me more money on kite repairs than a good set and lessons. Not to mention the kitesurf days I missed because I had to spend them tampering my equipment. 

I was fortunate to have the drive not to give up and even more fortunate it wasn’t too busy with other kitesurfers on the water yet then because it is just perilous when you don’t know what you’re doing considering the forces you’re dealing with. Just imagine what can happen when you’re tangled in a line of a kite with a traction of more than 400 kg. At Kitesurfing Zeeland we do not only take care that young and old learn kitesurfing as well and safely as is possible, but we also show you the best kitesurfing hotspots of Zeeland. Booking kitesurfing lessons in Zeeland.

Learn kitesurfing safely and cheap in Zeeland!